👉I am Grace Pan

Product Designer in the Bay Area, CA

Protected: BabyCenter
role: Product designer
Duration: 04/2019 - Present

UX/ UI collection business work

– Mainly focus on the Consumer’s side – web design and
responsive design to help business to improve SEO ranking.

Business fun projects & software practice

– Have fun with boba milk tea 🥛

Date: Apr 1, 2017-Dec 1, 2018
Platform: Mobile application/ IoT
Role: UX, UI, Coder - Personal Project

Graduate work of web App & IoT

– The entire design process by myself from brainstorming,
UX&UI design, usability test and developing.

Client: Xinhua Zhiyun Co., Ltd
Date: July - August, 2018

UX business work

– As a UX designer in CMS Redesign project, the final delivery helped coworkers
to mange their contents efficiently. I worked closely with
interviewees, visual designer and developers.