August, 18th

Thought of Internship

Arriving at Hangzhou, China for the first time was an overwhelming and exciting moment. I didn’t know anyone in Hangzhou, same like in America, so finding an internship from halfway across the world seemed like a pretty impossible task.

It would be impossible to sum up all the incredible ways in which working in Xinhua Zhiyun Co., Ltd has helped me grow as a designer and a grown-up adult. But here are ten points which I will take back with me.

  • Appreciate all teammates. The first experience of internship, I met some problems I didn’t know. I had to ask around and helped me out the trouble. Thanks to my teammates to assist during tree months.
  • The process of work and school are different. At school, I am the designer, programmer, project manager to build up personal project. I can’t think of the complete logic interactions by myself. However, in the middle of work, the project is large and associates with other projects of high and low level.
  • The design skill needs to improve. I can’t limit myself inside a tiny box. I should step out and learn more technical skills to promote the design skill. I learned Sketch during this work, and the plugin which can become more efficient.

Although different practitioners will have different feelings and opinions, through continuous practice, I will gradually form my own knowledge system and methodology. Practice is the only criterion for testing truth, and practice is the fastest and most effective study. To do, to practice is always the most meaningful, the above is the overall feelings and gains of my previous half year’s work practice.