Asian Games Gold Tally

Client: Xinhua Zhiyun Co., Ltd
Date: August 1-9, 2018
Role: UX Designer, UI Designer
Platform: WeChat Mini Program

01 Brief Introduction

1.1 Background

During the Asian Games, the medal rank is changing simultaneously throughout the day. It would be difficult to go through the latest sports news by searching online. The Xinhua Zhiyun Co., Ltd provides the platform for viewers to received updated metal information.

1.2 Feature


  • Receive the up-to-date metal counts at any time.
  • Chat with application about medal questions of Asian Games at any time.
  • Review metal related news.


The target audience is only focused on who is looking for the medal information.

02 Prototype

2.1 Framework

2.2.1 1st Round Draft

chatting page
detail page

2.2.2 Feedback

  • It didn’t look like the mini program. This version didn’t have any features. User would not use it again.
  • Regard it as a mobile application about news, which is used to look up the gold metal counts. The Designer did not intended to design this application similar to a chatting program such as WeChat.
  • Collaborated with Product Group to update users’ need in a timely manner.

2.3.1 2nd Round Draft

进入页 copy 6
进入页 copy 7
进入页 copy 8

2.3.2 Feedback

  • The rank part does not look pretty.
  • The Product Group needs more optional designs.
  • The album needs a serial number.
  • In the news information page, the line spacing should create distinctions between words which belongs with album and single words.
  • The homepage needs an entry to check out all Asian countries ranking.

2.4 The Final Design

iPhone x 长白色背景 Copy
金牌榜 copy
iPhone x 长白色背景 Copy 2
对话 copy
详情 copy

03 Conclusion

A relatively simple project, three drafts were produced in the early stage, and a draft was selected in the user survey. I then delivered the final draft to the Development Team review, fine-tuning the design details and overseeing the design restoration during the process. Sometimes the Development Team tends to be more cautious about the small functionality of the application, the designer has to filter and adjust accordingly.