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01 Business fun stuff in BabyCenter

Those creatives mostly were helping Sales & Marketing team.


Empty state for hidden posts


Empty state for unanswered posts


Empty state for trending posts


Empty state for recent posts

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Since it’s launched on Nov 2019, total users are 50k+


Lead Gen for mobile app


Interactive Branded Experience. It’s launched on March 18, 2021, and now total visitors have passed 50k+.


App ratings. The amounts of NPS increased 4%.


404 Error page


NEW footer is live across the sites (including INTL)


Ovulation tool page, which helps improve 10 results higher in Google search.

1st bday

1st birthday celebration in apps

02 Fun stuff at daily life

Propaganda of Global Warming

Global warming is a long-term problem since many years ago. It’s an aspect of climate change shown by temperature measurements and by multiple effects of the warming. I expressed the brief introduction of global warming and how do we solve it from our own. This video is solely conducted by Illustrator and AfterEffect.

Event Shooting

That was an interesting event which interacted with kids a lot. Also the event instructed kids about science, biology or botany via a simple way. This video is edited by Premiere.

GUI for Lexus

This deck includes the map, the speed, and the music volume. It is more modern, more fancy and more futuristic. This GUI is edited by Adobe Illustrator and AfterEffects.

Application Sizzle

The brief video shows up the feature of application which is able to attract more users to download. The video is designed by Sketch and AfterEffects.